8 weeks of Mindfulness (not just for Beginners)

January 9, 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm
Mind Your Karma Retreat Centre
360 Oceanbeach Road
Mount Maunganui
022 64 300 64

Do you sometimes feel not centred? Out of balance? Or simply not yourself? Out of energy? Exhausted? Empty? Can’t sleep? Your mind keeps chatting constantly? Or is it about changing something in your life and you are not quite sure where or with what to start?

If you answered just one of those questions with “YES” I may have something for you.

I would like to invite you to this transformative 8 week course of Mindfulness Meditation (and it is not just for beginners), where I will guide you through 8 different meditation sessions. Let me help you energise, strengthen and balance your inner core with the wonderful tool of Meditation. The more you train your mind to become balanced and clear again, the sooner you will achieve this and be able to change your life to the better.

We will start our journey with a combination of Mindfulness of the Breath and Mindfulness of the Body. Then we will use guided meditation as well as the power of Visualization to proceed our way more and more into stillness and calmness. From week 4 on we will also use the power of Affirmations and Mantras to experience a deeper stillness of the mind. Finally we also use Visualizations to redirect our attention and energies so we gain back the ability to create our lives with positive thoughts, openness and love.

Fee: $160 for all 8 sessions

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