Michelle painted this after the Sunday Morning Mindfulness Meditation – Energise your Chakra 1 & 2: “While we were meditating that day I had those strong colours in my mind as you guided us through. When I got home I felt like I was driven to capture them, to create what I had seen in my mind. Every time I look at the painting now I am reminded of how I felt while I was meditating and I feel calmer somehow. It’s odd because I normally paint in a very realistic style, mostly portraits of children and landscapes, but on that day I had those bright colours in my mind and a sense of energy. I let myself be in the moment and be guided by that rather than forcing the paint into a particular shape. Freedom to create is what comes to mind :-) That might sound a bit over the top and I am not usually driven to such displays of feeling but its almost like something shifted in me and I have noticed my inner critic is not judging what I paint quite so much now! I am really looking forward to the next workshop. Kind regards, Michelle x”


Special Event in 2015 October 28, Meditation inside the Arboria Luminarium, Tauranga, The Strand
(thanks to Jane and the Architects of Air)

Arboria_meditation tauranga_01Arboria_meditation tauranga_02Arboria_meditation tauranga_04Arboria_meditation tauranga_03Arboria_meditation tauranga_05Arboria_meditation tauranga_06