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Meditation – because some questions can’t be answered by Google.

Welcome to Meditation Tauranganow also known as Meditation Makes Sense – the Home of Meditation and Relaxation in Tauranga for 7 years now – learn and enjoy to calm your mind, experience awareness and mindfulness, stillness and serenity … learn to meditate in a group or one-on-one … live or online … have fun while relaxing and enjoy the process of quieting the mind and starting to listen to your inner self again … Arohanui, Sandra

YES, we are back and new courses starting in January and February.

Due to the new nature of our business, we have launched a new webpage … … we think it is great, but have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Another way now to access my Meditations is through my Academy of Making Sense. There even is a free trial A Taste of Meditation, where you will get access to 4 of my favourite guided Meditations – for free.

Meditation Courses (live 1h / drop in and online 45min)

Chakra Balancing Weekend Workshop
February 16 (Chakra 1 to 4) & 17 (Chakra 5 to 7)
10am until 3pm Teaching & Meditation (including workbook and vegan lunch)
on Facebook

7.00pm Mindfulness Meditation Drop In Class (starting February 11 at Mind Your Karma)
7.00pm Start Making Sense – The Live Sessions (online for Members only – all levels)**
8.00pm A Course in Selfishness (a 6 week course, starting February 11 at Mind Your Karma)

7.30pm Reiki Gathering – all Levels (new date to come soon)

Wednesday (at Mind Your Karma Retreat Centre, 390 Ocean Beach Road)
6.15pm 8 Weeks of Mindfulness Meditation (starting January 9)
7.30pm Finding your Path (Personal Growth Program – Teaching & Meditation – The Well-Tempered Consciousness) (starting January 9)
7.30pm Becoming a Creator (Personal Growth Program – Teaching & Meditation – The Well-Tempered Consciousness) (starting February 13)

* No classes on public holiday. No classes in Watiangi Week
** Contact me how to become a member and get access to all the recordings

You now also find FREE Meditations from me and with me under ‘Personal Growth – Free Goodies’ for you to enjoy. You can now also follow me on Soundcloud Meditation Tauranga on Soundcloud or on my YouTube Channel.

NEW – Monthly Masterclasses
Feng Shui Masterclass
– Tuesday, January 22, 7.30pm (please register here)
Mindfulness Masterclass – Tuesday, February 12, 7.30pm (please register here)

REIKI – News
Reiki Gathering
– all levels, practising self care together, TBA
Reiki Level One – Weekend Group Workshop March 2 & 3 or as one-on-one 1 Day Workshop, 10am until 3.30pm, subject to availability.
Reiki Level Two 1 Day Workshop, 10am until 3.30pm; please contact me for available dates HERE … 😉

Basic Feng Shui ONLINE Video Course
Basic Feng Shui ONLINE Coaching one-on-one Course
More INFO? You will find it HERE and HERE
Want to contact me or subscribe? Contact me HERE.
I am happy to answer your questions. Let me know how I can help. Love, Sandra … 😉