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Meditation – because some questions can’t be answered by Google.

Welcome to Meditation Tauranganow also known as Meditation Makes Sense – the Home of Meditation and Relaxation in Tauranga for 8 years now – learn and enjoy to calm your mind, experience awareness and mindfulness, stillness and serenity … learn to meditate in a group or one-on-one … live or online … have fun while relaxing and enjoy the process of quieting the mind and starting to listen to your inner self again … Arohanui, Sandra

YES, back in Tauranga.

Due to the new nature of our services, we have launched a new webpage … … we think it is great, but have a look for yourself and let us know what you think. All the updated information are now on the new Webpage and as of March 2020 it also has a new look. This page will now have very low maintenance, but will still be online for your convenience. Please let me know if you need more information, I am always happy to help

Another way now to access my Meditations is through my Academy of Making Sense. There even is a free trial A Taste of Meditation, where you will get access to 4 of my favourite guided Meditations – for free. How does that sound to you?

Meditation & More

7.30pm Start Making Sense – The Live Sessions (online, weekly Mindfulness Meditation Class – all levels)**

6.15pm Mindfulness Mediatation Class – live in the Lakes, at BloomCo, 262 Lakes Boulevard (starting March 31)
7.30pm Mindfulness Meditation Masterclass – switching to Monday, 8.30pm, online, April 6, (please join us here)
7.30pm Feng Shui Masterclass – Tuesday, 7.30pm, online, March 17, also switching to Monday 8.30pm from April on (please join us here)

7.30pm Reiki Shower – all levels, practising self care together – TBA

6.30pm Bars Giftig & Receiving Evening – TBA

* No classes on public holiday.
** Contact me how to become a member and get access to all the recordings


You now also find FREE Meditations from me and with me under ‘Personal Growth – Free Goodies’ for you to enjoy. You can now also follow me on Soundcloud Meditation Tauranga on Soundcloud or on my YouTube Channel.


Monthly Masterclasses (switching to Monday 8.30pm from April 2020 on)
Mindfulness Meditation Masterclass – Monday, 8.30pm online, April 6 (please join here)
Feng Shui Masterclass – Tuesday, 7.30pm, online, March 17 (please join here)


REIKI – News
Reiki Shower
– all levels, practising self care together, Wednesday, 7.30pm, TBA
Reiki Level One – Weekend Group Workshop TBA or as one-on-one 1 Day Workshop, 10am until 3pm, subject to availability.
Reiki Level Two 1 Day Workshop, 10am until 3.30pm; please contact me for available dates HERE … 😉


Basic Feng Shui ONLINE Video Course
Basic Feng Shui ONLINE Coaching one-on-one Course
More INFO? You will find it HERE and HERE
Want to contact me or subscribe? Contact me HERE.
I am happy to answer your questions. Let me know how I can help. Love, Sandra … 😉