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Meditation – because some questions can’t be answered by Google.

Welcome to Meditation Tauranga – the Home of Meditation and Relaxation in Tauranga for 5 years now – learn and enjoy to calm your mind, experience awareness and mindfulness, stillness and serenity … learn to meditate in a group or one-on-one … have fun while relaxing and enjoy the process of quieting the mind and starting to listen to your inner self again … Namaste, Sandra

Weekly Classes (at the Mount 1h / online 45min)
9.30am 8 weeks of Mindfulness (Meditation not only for Beginners) – February 13 until April 3
9.30am 8 weeks of Mindfulness (Meditation not only for Beginners) – April 10 until June 12
6.30pm Mindfulness Meditation (casual drop-in class – suitable for Beginners)

Mindfulness Meditation (casual drop-in class – suitable for Beginners)
7.00pm 8 weeks of Chakra (Teaching & Meditation) – February 1 until March 22
7.00pm 8 weeks of Truly Yours (Teaching & Meditation) – April 5 until May 24
9.30am Basic Feng Shui (Teaching / Webinar) – April 6 until April 27
*No classes on public holiday.

You now also find FREE Meditations from me and with me under ‘Teachings – Free Goodies’ for you to enjoy. You can now also follow me on Soundcloud: Meditation Tauranga on Soundcloud or rummage in my YouTube Channel (please right click the link, sorry about the inconvenience).

REIKI – News
Reiki Level One 2 Day Workshop – April 29&30 – 10am until 3.30pm
Reiki Level Two 1 Day Workshop – please contact me for dates
for more information please contact me HERE … 😉

Chinese Astrology Webinar (via Zoom)
– May 6 until 27 (Thursday, 9.30am)

Feng Shui Astrology I – with basic knowledge about Chinese Astrology, (1h, $60)
Feng Shui Astrology II – you will receive your personal Chinese Birth Horoscope and I will teach you how to read it (1,5h, $120)
Feng Shui Astrology IIb – understanding your Child’s nature – Your child’s personal Chinese Birth Horoscope and how to read it (1,5h, $80, $30 for any further child, Feng Shui Astrology II required)
Feng Shui Astrology III – I teach you how to create Chinese Birth Horoscopes for clients (3h, $280) (Astrology II and Basic Feng Shui required)

Basic Feng Shui Webinar (via Zoom)
– April 6 until 27 (1,5h on 4 Thursdays, 9.30am)

Module 1 – Feng Shui, Chi, Yin & Yang
Module 2 – About Yin & Yang and the 5 Elements
Module 3 – The Bagua and your Floor Plan
Module 4 – The Rooms of your Home
Make sure you note them into your calendar. You can visit online from anywhere in New Zealand or Australia or wherever you are … If you miss one session, a recording will be made available for you. Investment: $180

Sounds like something for you? Contact me for more information and I am also happy to answer your questions – now and during the course. Let me know how I can help. Love, Sandra … 😉
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